Glasgow City AV Training Rooms Install

SSUK’s client remit was to provide equipment for new training rooms for Glasgow City Health & Social Work employees.

Training Rooms

Training Rooms
In 4 training rooms, SSUK installed an 86”Interactive Touch screen on a height adjustable bracket.

This allows users to adjust the height of the system when required, and adheres with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance.
The are 2 points of connectivity for the screens:-
-a point for a resident PC/Laptop fitted in the storage area in the corner
-a connection point in a floor box in the centre

Each screen also has a webcam fitted on top to aid employees in their video conferencing, using software such as Teams or Zoom, for example.
Each room also has a full infra red induction loop system installed, and ceiling speakers installed to boost the audio in the room.

We have installed a Onelan Reserva Room Booking system that allows administrators to easily book rooms through a CRM system
The system
displays the relevant information of the event outside each room on a screen.
The information is replicated on the reception screen as well as other relevant information such as internal communications messages, and news.

Training Room 1
This room has 2 x 75” Touch screens fitted side by side to allow the same use as the other rooms, but also included is a Poly video conferencing system to allow more in-depth VC solution.

The VC is also complemented with an additional Eagle Eye Director system, providing a more engaging and less stressful meeting experience with automatic camera technology that zooms in on an active speaker without anyone using a remote control. All connectivity and Induction Loop features are replicated in this room.