With solutions as wide and varied as the clients we serve we offer a full range of solutions for businesses.

We work with you in a consultative manner to identify solutions that will enhance your business. From digital signage in reception to meeting room and collaboration solutions we provide professional solutions that reflect the professionalism of your organisation.

Our solutions are designed with you to solve problems and improve productivity, from banking and finance to healthcare, transportation, property and beyond.

Boardroom AV solutions take your showcase room to the next level.

With visually stunning displays and crystal-clear sound and video, your team can deliver productive meetings both in the office and remotely.

Boardroom audio-visual systems allow for seamless presenting and well as easy collaboration during meetings. The right boardroom AV tools ensures you can host constructive meetings that can lead to improved relationships as well as being cost effective.
Attract and engage customers with hospitality and leisure AV solutions.

Bars, restaurants, clubs and sporting facilities benefit immensely. Our work in the hospitality and leisure sector covers a wide range of businesses and applications, all with the common need for impactful, reliable and easy to manage audio visual systems.

From show-stopping video walls and flexible meeting and conference equipment to in-room AV solutions SSUK can help you use the latest audio and visual technology to enhance the experience of your leisure and corporate guests.
Create a unique first impression for your business.

With technologies such as digital signage and LED video walls, you can immediately showcase the values and expertise of your business.

The signage can also be used for wayfinding, interaction, and visitor management. The interactive displays communicate vital instructions, and LED video walls can ensure your messages are seen and are remembered.

Meeting Rooms
Improve your organisation's meeting effectiveness.

Modernise your meeting spaces and set the foundation for optimum teamwork, communication and productivity with our range of audio visual solutions for meeting rooms.

SSUK's team of designers and engineers can provide your staff with flexible, future-proof audio visual technology.

Through the implementation of technologies including secure video conferencing, wireless presentation and room booking systems, we ensure seamless meeting experiences for users of all skill sets.

Tailored Technology

Interactive Touchscreens

Ideal for use in business settings. Touchscreens help by streamlining meetings and bringing together the touch technology that everyone is familiar with on smartphones or tablets.

Presentations and proposals become more vibrant, with increased engagement in the office environment. Colleagues can participate rather than simply being presented to in a traditional manner.

The additional benefit is the quick sharing of the meeting documents through wireless casting from a variety of devices.

No more looking for the right sort of cable, right type of adapter or having to resort to huddling round a laptop screen. Our solutions make meetings start on time and give presenters the confidence to know “it’ll just work”.

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Video Conferencing

We’ve got the technology to quickly and cost-effectively turn your existing meeting rooms into video conferencing rooms. Perfect for the return to the office and the new normal.

We’ve also got the ideas, the skills and the equipment to develop video conferencing packages for even the most challenging Boardrooms or venues.

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Digital Signage

Wow visitors, catch the attention of passers-by or reinforce your internal comms. Our creative team have the ideas to and wherewithal to provide class-leading digital signage.

High brightness, interactive or LED of any size, our digital signage solutions can be scaled and tailored depending on requirements.

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Our Solutions

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