Interactive Touchscreens

Touchscreens transform classrooms and meeting rooms into engaging and collaborative spaces where ideas can flow freely.

‘Walk-Up-and-Use’ tech

The latest AV technology is far more intuitive and easier to use than ever before.

An interactive touchscreen that may once have required a high level of technical know-how and a detailed user manual, has been transformed into a walk-up-and-use collaborative display that anyone can use.

Responding to today’s consumer tech, touchscreens now replicate the technology in the palm of your hand.

In addition, true-bonded capacitive touch is the latest advancement in touch technology, giving the most natural, responsive and accurate touch experience.

It simplifies setup and gets lessons and meeting started quicker. A joy for everyone.

Pupil & Teacher Benefits

Interactive touchscreens provide increased interaction & collaboration, in addition to better engagement and enhanced support for all learning styles.

The screens boost pupils' enthusiasm for studying as the dynamic and interactive aspect of the technology creates an interest point for students.

With active interest in their learning materials, educators can be more sure of the effectiveness of their lessons
Touchscreen technology educators allows the ability to enhance their classroom management.

The use of touchscreens will ensure students are more engaged, which will lead to less disruptions from students during class. Separate lessons can be running on the touchscreen while other tasks are tackled on the teacher's own PC or laptop.
It is also possible for teachers to utilise a variety of applications designed for educational purposes, such as educational games and quizzes, timers for work tasks and video applications.
For students with disabilities and for those who have difficulties with their focus and attention, interactive touchscreens teaching style can be a great help to their learning, and provide improved inclusivity.
Students can benefit from the ability to wirelessly share their work to the screen for enhanced discussions with the entire class.

This type of smart interactive technology gives the teacher more freedom and flexibility than ever before.
Cost & Energy-Saving Benefits

Interactive touchscreens deliver significant cost and energy-savings versus the traditional projector system.

Traditional whiteboard and projectors cost clients large amounts to maintain; costly consumables like lamps and filters add up quickly over time. Inefficient technologies draw extra power consumption; hurting your bank balance and the environment.

In addition, technician time to repair and maintain plus the cost of down time makes switching to a new interactive touchscreen a compelling proposition.

Maybe even best of all, our high brightness touchscreens will see an end to you having to close blinds and avoid shadows just to see the screen.

Multi-touch interactive touchscreens use anti-glare, strengthened glass to ensure viewers can see content more clearly and interact with the content in an intuitive way.

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Customer Quotes

Whitehaugh Centre
Installation of 75" Information Screen
I always receive a quick and efficient service from you. thanks
Taylor High School
Installation of 65" Interactive Flat panels
Smooth Installation from ordering to finished. Operatives were friendly, professional and we were pleased with the work.
Galashiels Academy
Installation of 5 interactive displays
Many thanks for a first class service. from ordering to installation, SSUK have been a pleasure to deal with.Your on site workers were particularly impressive with unobtrusive and knowledgeable service.First class. Faultless. Professional.
Braidbar Primary
Promethean ActivPanel install
The guys that came to fit the board did a great job. Simon was also a great help when he came for his site visit. Many Thanks